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First and foremost, I am a family man.  I have been married to my wife, Rumana, for over 20 years.  We are blessed to have two wonderful daughters.  My priority in life is to be the best husband and father to these three remarkable women God has so graciously put in my life.

After my family, I am a business person.  By profession, I am a certified public accountant.  I am a partner in one of Houston’s top 25 accounting firms, and responsible for growing the firm’s business.  Not only do I help to grow my firm’s business, but I also look at helping my clients grow their businesses, which in turn helps their communities.


I am also a member of a great district.  I grew up in the Missouri City/Sugar Land/Stafford area.  I attended Blue Ridge Elementary, Quail Valley Middle School and John Foster Dulles High School.  I was able to take the lessons I learned from this area and obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The University of Texas at Austin.


My roots are in Fort Bend.  I am a proud member and contributor to the community that has given me so much.  I have served tirelessly by dedicating time to causes near and dear to my heart.  As a Board Member & Treasurer on the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce, I worked closely with small businesses to ensure they had the most prudent growth strategies.  I have also served on AccessHealth (Board Member), Cullinan Park Conservancy Board (Board Member), Ridge Point Orchestra Booster Association (Treasurer), and Fort Bend Republican Party (Treasurer).  Most recently, I was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott to the One Call Commission Board which has allowed me to serve at the State level.


The first question I am asked is “Why are you running?”  The simple answer is to give back.

I was raised in this area and was able to take the opportunities presented to me and capitalize on them.  I plan to take my experiences and work to bring opportunities to District 27.  I want to bring a perspective of knowing the area since childhood to our House seat, and to use my experiences in growing a business, hiring people, and working with others to build our District 27 House seat.


There are several areas I want to focus on:

Education:  We have to work with the local schools to continue providing a long-term educational plan for our children.  This includes providing activities to enhance learning after normal school hours.  It also means finding ways to provide skills to help the next generation transition from high school and skills to help when they enter the workforce.  But it’s not just the children, it’s also the teachers.  Making sure our teachers are paid fairly and are given the necessary resources from the State.

Business:  District 27 is rapidly changing, and as data shows, many new people are moving to our District.  With the influx of people, the District needs to continue to promote business and provide a pro-business growth environment.  Local businesses that provide jobs must become a priority.  To attract businesses to our community, infrastructure planning must happen at the State level.  From my experience working with start-ups to large companies, I believe I have the skills of a “Business Acumen” to take this to the State Legislature to advocate on behalf of our District.

Healthcare:  As someone who deals with several different healthcare clients, and through my work with AccessHealth, I have seen first-hand the need for healthcare services in our District.  I also have experience in working to make sure it comes at a cost-efficient manner.  We must look at ways to make sure our State is taking care of Texans, all Texans.  Whether it’s our children, the elderly, or our veterans, we must ensure healthcare is accessible to all.

Property Taxes:  We live in a very desirable District.  As the demand for property in our area increases, so does our property taxes.  Property tax laws have changed, and I will monitor to make certain the changes are positive for District 27.